Friday, July 18, 2008


So this, my friends, is the beginning of something. Hopefully something big that shall be henceforth referred to as Casanova Cigar Carvings. I was contacted by Dylan Austin over at Camacho cigars to explore the possibility of creating a commissioned piece. What did he want, you ask? He wanted it large, incredibly intricate, and he wanted it fast.

So hears the skinny: Camacho was given a piece of wall space at the new Corona Cigar Bar in downtown Orlando. They put whatever they wanted in the spot. With the hopes of filling the space with something unique that would catch peoples eyes and bring the consumer to their brand, they went on the search for something handcrafted and found Casanova Cigar Carvings!

Luckily for me, I was just in the right place. I wasn't working on any carvings since I was on a hiatus of sorts. On top of that I had just successfully proposed in a manner that made me want to retire from the romancing business altogether. A big new project was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things.

Dylan and I quickly worked out details for the project. The carving would be just under 4' wide, would be as intricate as possible, and would need to be done as quickly as possible (we established an ambitious goal of 2 months). The subject of the carving would be the label of the recently debuted Camacho Corojo Tenth Anniversary line. This line is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of making their authentic corojo cigar, which has really been a great line for them. It turns out that I had actually carved the original Camacho Corojo label for myself a few years ago, partly the reason Camacho new about my work.
The above photo shows the label they requested. This is actually the label that appears inside the boxes on the lid, and is a combination of the labels from both the head and the foot of the cigars, along with some extra detail. Note that the colors here are not as they appear on the actual labels. I believe this photo was meant to detail the intricate embossing for the labels.

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Matt said...

That is awesome Brad. Good Luck! I know it will be an incredible piece when it's done.

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