Brad has been fortunate enough to meet some of the great people in the industry. Many of them have had the equal pleasure of viewing a carving or two. 

“Brad's Carvings exude the atmosphere of a fine handmade cigar with all the subtleties of fine  craftsmanship and aesthetic values with the only problem being you can't smoke them.”
 -Joel Sherman, Son of the legendary Nat Sherman

From some of the gifts or commissions;

"I am completely amazed at how the life of the Camacho 10th Anniversary was captured in the carved sign. I would not have trusted any other sign maker to decorate Corona Cigars in Orlando".
           ~ Christian Eiroa, Camacho Cigars

“When the camp sign was revealed at our
wedding, we could not have been more overjoyed-- It looked exactly like the real thing! It was obvious that Brad spent a crazy amount of time on it, perfecting every detail…”
Leo Fackler, Groom

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