Commission: Sports Team


Robb, my brother-in-law, was nice enough to send me some non-cigar related work. A coworker of his is a big Arizona State fan and wanted a carving of the logo. I am very much used to copying something, whether it be a cigar label or company logo. When people ask if I can create something for them, but they aren't quite sure what they want, things get a little complicated as my vision may not be the same as theirs. Luckily he knew what exactly what he wanted which makes a job easier.

The design and size was based mostly off of the carving I did for my niece. Although things got tricky when I tried to match the yellow/gold color to the logo. Turns out yellow is one of the most difficult colors when it comes to paint. Not only did I go through about 5 yellows before I found one that was right, but then it took me about 5 coats to get the color thick enough for it to look solid.

Anyways, another job completed. I am going to begin some work on expanding my personal cigar label collection. What's coming next? I am thinking Avo Uvezian and Perdomo.

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