Cigar Work: Perdomo


I've been trying to get better at documenting work as it happens. I am usually too excited about getting some paint on the bare carving that I forget to take a few photos. Luckily, I've been focusing a lot more on marketing my work, so I am more conscious of opportunities as the work proceeds.

Here's a little sneak preview of my Perdomo Estate Seleccion carving. I've had the piece cut out for a year and am just now getting around to carving it. This is a great design with the ring of tobacco leaves and with the gold paint scheme it is really going to be a great label. I'll try to get a few more as progress continues. I am also finishing a label of Ave Uvezian's DOMAINE AVO (The purple label). They both should be done in the coming weeks.


The Perdomo came out just as I had hoped. I knew that the wreath of tobacco leaves was going to be quite a project. And it was! It took quite a while to complete that portion of the carving, but it was well worth it. Perdomo really nailed their design when they put a wreath of gold tobacco leaves on their label. It is so eye catching, and I think the label carries the same quality. I am very happy with this carving, and have to say it is one of my best.

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