Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm neck deep in it (the carving, that is). It's a challenge to complete a carving on a rushed time scale, all while you have a full time job. It's even harder when you are trying to maximize the detail and the area that is carved while battling an ever advancing deadline.

Above is my favorite part of the carving. This is a very small detail that I originally wasn't going to carve. After some debate I decided it would be worth the extra time, and think it was. It really came out brilliantly. The six holes that can be seen in the photo were actually made using a cigar punch. I wound up breaking the punch in the process, but I thought it added something unique to the carving. I doubt anyone would have noticed had I not said anything, but it was a fun moment amidst the late night slaving.

Here I am at one of my finest moments. While most of you might want to imagine me working in these conditions all the time, I'm sad to report that this is rare. The majority time, I find myself in a windowless upstairs room that is typically 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. Here I was caught working outside with a cigar as my reward. The final plan for the carving was to combine three separate layers of 3/4" MDF. This was done partly to maximize the depth of the carving, as well as for the ease of the carving. A one piece construction would have been difficult since it's overall size would be way to cumbersome.

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