Commission: Humidor Sign

My very good friends at my local pipe and cigar shop were planning a big move. They were moving up the street to a new spot and needed a big sign that indicated clearly that it was an establishment that sold cigars. After much pondering, I decided a big cigar with bright red letters that spelled CIGARS was the way to go. (You have just been introduced to the creative process).

I created the piece out of pressure treated lumber so that it could be hung outside. I used a 2x12 with layers of pressure treated plywood behind it to beef up the depth. Carving wood with such a strong grain proved to be much more difficult than MDF, but not much of a problem considering the gentle design. More detail and layering in the carving could have proved to be difficult.

Unfortunately, the move never happened. But a new humidor was built and aptly named the Taj Midor. The sign now hangs where it belongs, with all the other cigars in the humidor! This was my last project before leaving packing up and moving to New Zealand. Please visit David and Mike at B&B Tobacconists, located at 377 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina.

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