Cigar Work: Camacho


While it is a simple label, it is also a great one. It echoes of the classic brown and white labels known round the world that have been around for many generations (most notable of which is Montecristo). Camacho is a fantastic line produced by the Eiroa's, a quality driven father/son team who are steadily making their mark in the cigar industry.

This label turned out well with very few hiccups. The dots were a little tricky. Either they were too small or too big or not round enough (I accept the anal-retentive nature of my artistic comes with the territory). My favorite parts of this carving are the double hooks on either side of the label. I tried something new in this carving by transitioning from carved to uncarved portions in a single part of the design. The hooks are just painted on, but as it joins the white stripes it goes from 2D to 3D. It might not seem like a big deal, but it was a little touch that I thought made it unique. It's ideas like these that you find exciting when you work on a piece for months.

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