Thursday, May 01, 2008


One more little project came up at the pub that I signed up for. Tom had built a wooden facade to soften the metal window frames and make it more old style. It consisted of pillars on either side with an archway above. It looked great, but was missing something on the arch. Many (and I mean many) brainstorming sessions later, I finally got a feel for what they wanted and told them I'd take care of it.

After thinking long and hard I came up with a design that pulled in the interior materials (dark wood and copper), as well as the overall idea of the pub (one that open to both those of Northern Ireland and those of the Republic of Ireland).

The design is a Celtic style knot containing the flag of Ireland as well as the Ulster Banner, representing Northern Ireland. The two flags were centered with a shamrock, which amazingly to this point had not yes appeared in any of the pub's designs or decorations.

I am hoping that the copper will eventually give the arch a little more green as it ages so it will contrast the wood more than it does now.

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