Thursday, May 01, 2008


Things can easily get stressful in life, and it's too easy to forget about the great things inside us, around us and ahead of us. Helping out with the pub was an interesting experience. Working long hours at my job and then working at the pub on nights and weekends created some stress in itself. I wasn't getting paid for my work there, but all the while I was working hard and making sacrifices. It was hard to get past that in my mind, so it was a great lesson in learning to fully enjoy what you do simply because you have chosen to do it.
Myself, Chuck and Tom in yet another brainstorming session.
I was just flipping through a magazine and came across a quote that hit me: WHATEVER YOUR 100% LOOKS LIKE, GIVE IT. Great words of wisdom. I'll admit I got caught up in the stress at times, but all the same, I gave it my 100% and now get to enjoy seeing the end result every time I visit the pub for a pint.
I love this one...Corina, the woman behind the men.

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