Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few projects in the bar lent themselves to a little bit of artistic creativity. The vision for the bar, long term, was to be a true pub. By saying that I mean a place that you'd look around as you sipped on your beer and without fail each visit you'd see something you never saw before.
The tap cabinet just one of the many little touches we tried to add as it was all being put together. Chick decided to put the taps along the bar instead of along the wall. It broke up the open space above the bar and was definitely a good call. Tom (a master in his own right) built an insulated cabinet around the taps to house all of the pipes and tubing. The front of the cabinet was bare at first so we all started brainstorming. After many good and bad ideas, we decided on a plywood (red oak) cutout of Tolliver's Crossing, using plexi-glass, and backlit with the flag of Ireland.

In the end, it all came together. A lot of cutting and sanding on my part along with Tom's master finishing skills made for a very creative tap cabinet.

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