Thursday, April 17, 2008


Six feet wide and eight feet tall...a grand undertaking for me....a sign with 30 times the size (in terms of area) of my normal carvings. Of course this wouldn't be a carving like I had done before, but the sheer size of it was definitely a challenge for my mind. I never had to build something structural before. The sign I agreed to create was supposed to fit the metal supports where the old sign remained. A sign of this proportion had to be substantial in weight just to support itself. I finally decided to construct the sign like a deck. I used pressure treated lumber to build my platform and went from there. The design was taken directly from the logo I created for Tolliver's. It seemed an appropriate design and reminiscent of "ye olde pub signs of yore."

Surprisingly, the work was easier than I had imagined. Aside from working with different materials, the skills seemed to transfer from small to large. In my opinion it was easier, because small mistakes and imperfections are a lot less noticable on a sign this large.
A couple of months worth of late nights in the pub, humoring myself all the way, I finally completed this monster. Getting it on the side of a building was a whole different story altogether.

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lorax429 said...

Would love to see a pic of the sign completed and up on the building. Looks like a massive sign...

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