Saturday, March 08, 2008


Last year my friend and Sig brother Chuck Brown told we he was opening up a pub called Tolliver's Crissing. I thought he was kidding at first, but I soon realized he wasn't. He had already managed to lease an open spot in West Asheville. While the details were sparse (he had the building and the name), his dream was real. Luckily for me, the details hadn't been decided upon yet. Both Corina and I have always wanted to help design a pub, and here was a friend with just that need. Of course I offered my help and he was happy to accept. Chuck is a people person and the perfect person to run a bar, but and interior designer or artist he is not (He'll be the first to tell you).
Corina was eployed as the marketing guru, while I took on the challenge of some smaller, more artistic project. The first project I offered to take on was to create the pub's logo. I am a huge fan of intertwined letters so it is no surprise what the design wound up being. The colors were a pretty obvious choice, and I thought the layout was very reminiscent of olde time pubs in Ireland and England.

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