Monday, November 07, 2011

The Epic Return

I have now returned from quite some time away. Just over two years as it stands. I have been busy travelling the world, learning new skills, and doing my damnedest to determine the meaning of the words vocation, profession, job and most of all happiness.

Let me rewind a bit.......

I was 5 years into my stable government job when life threw a curveball. I attracted a certain opportunity, one that would make me leave my job and take me to the other side of the world. I was offered a life changing 6 month contract with a New Zealand government agency. Anyone that knows anything about New Zealand, knows 3 basic facts: It's hard to get there, even harder to stay(legally), and it's paradise!

My wife and I packed up and finally took off in the end of summer 2010. We returned this past summer with a lifetime of memories and stories (and photos to boot). Now here I sit in a cigar bar in Ybor City, the once mecca of the cigar industry pondering my life.

With much thought being given, and very few excuses left, it is now time to bring my artwork to the forefront. I have always wanted to give my work more time and effort, not just nights and weekends. Now is that time. The next few posts are a look back at the last two years of my life, travels and work.

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