Monday, January 19, 2009


Scary are times like these. Well, that's at least what "they" say. You know...the infamous "they" that seem to have a response for anything. Take any situation and I guarantee that "they" will have something to say. Well, I like to think life is not as scare as they say it is. Take one day and do the following: turn off the news, put down the editorial, put away your 401K statement, don't pick up the call from your negative friend and I assure you, life will seem quite indistinguishable from life a year ago.

We all know things go through periods of growth and periods of atrophy. It's part of all healthy systems. We can't get caught in the thought that this is NOT natural. I came across an email from XIKAR that had a note from XIKAR CEO Kurt Van Keppel. His words couldn't have been more poignant, and I thought it too good not to pass on to others. Enjoy!

Dear XIKAR Friends,

As I write this, the market continues its roller coaster ride. The pundits say the sky is falling. The politicians say they are here to save the day.

To add to the pressure, we have to keep roofs over our heads and food in our families mouths. Between trying to get ready for the holiday rush and attending events like Cigar Aficionado's Big Smoke, there is little time to decompress.

Today I found solace in good, old-fashioned yard work - watching my kids play in the leaves.
Everywhere, we are taking stock of our standing in the world while trying to keep up. But before we get lost in the confusion, let us agree: we are victorious each time we stop and enjoy in what truly matters. Often, those most important reflections happen with a cigar in hand and friends or family near. These truly valuable moments - and the cigar aroma-filled memories that go along with them - will always be remembered over the daily panics. Why? Because they have no numerical or monetary measure. They are what truly matters.

So, should you find yourself overwhelmed, remember: there is no better time to take a step back, dig out those special sticks you've been aging for years and enjoy life.

Sincerely, Kurt Van Keppel

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Corina said...

Great introduction Brad, and what great words of advice. A cigar brightens any night! Thanks for sharing!