Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Late at night, the day before I was scheduled to bring the carving down to Florida, I find myself in the garage doing final touch ups on the piece. To have a completed piece still wasn't enough for me. With the drive to Florida ahead and the ensuing installation was enough to keep me from feeling mentally "finished" with the project.

Final thoughts: I was very happy with the finished product. Then again, after working nearly round the clock on it for 2 months, I really don't think I had comprehended what I had done, what I had created. It being my first commission, I think I was more nervous that anything. I had created pieces for other people in the past, but the money was never there to hold me to a level of quality. Not that I think I ever failed that level, but the stress of knowing I was dictating my own reputation with this piece was unnerving. I guess I should say, Mission Accomplished!

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