Wednesday, January 03, 2007

SBI Special Agent Academy:

Though it may shock you people, I actually have a real job. I know you'd all like to picture me in a workshop whittling all day long, so I am sorry to disappoint. I am employed as a forensic chemist by the state of North Carolina (CSI: Asheville if you prefer). I recently attended the 35th Special Agent Academy for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. The whole training period took 31 weeks of nearly round the clock training in the less than exciting town known as Salemburg, NC. Traditionally a plaque is given to the training staff from the graduating class. Since I was a part of the graduating class, I felt obliged to share my hobby instead of paying a ridiculous amount for a plastic plaque! We did wind up paying for an engraved plaque, while I provided the insignia: the SBI logo with a 35 carved into it to designate our class number.

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very thoughtful Brad :)