Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Being that I was in college studying my life away (big white lie?), I didn't have much time to spend sitting alone in my dorm room carving for hours on end. After all, I was having too much fun and would've hated to gain a reputation as a loner.

I did however find time when special occasions arose. My next piece was a carving of a cross for my father. Big Gordon has worn a very unique cross ever since I can remember. It is a beautifully intricate silver cross filled with intertwining religious symbols. Years ago, he had a replica of the cross made which I now wear (infrequently for fear of losing it). I liked the texture and color of bare carving so I decided not to paint it.

After my gift for my father, I carved two smaller crosses, one for Nancy, my mother, and another for Lindsay, one of my sisters. These were Christmas gifts that I made, both uniquely geared towards their styles.



By senior year I had only done pieces for myself and my family (sans one sister, but hers is in the works). My roommate Hank was getting married after graduation, and I wanted to make him and his fiance something special. I decided to carve them a Celtic heart. It came out just as I had hoped.

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