Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I wanted my first personal carving to be aesthetically pleasing and have meaning to it. I had been smoking cigars fairly regularly since high school. My first really memorable cigars was a Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No. 1 that I smoked freshman year at Furman. I was hooked! My local cigar shop back home in NJ was primarily a Fuente store. The shop was called Enrico's Cigar Hideaway, and yes, they spoiled me rotten. While I couldn't get my hands on the Cubans that had gotten me hooked, the Fuente smokes that I bought at Enrico's were phenomenal. On occasion, I would treat myself to an Opus X, Fuente's super-premium line. The cigar label that was ever so carefully wrapped around these cigars is an absolute masterpiece...intertwined letters, gold beading, rich reds and oranges, all printed on thick embossed paper.

Not only were the cigars fantactic and the label amazing, the family behind the cigars was a story in itself. The Fuente family has been spotlighted several times by Cigar Aficionado and other magazines. Their journey of building the Fuente legacy is quite an awe-inspiring tale. A perfect subject in all respects!

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